Yoga for all ages and condtions.


“Don’t adapt yourself to yoga; adapt yoga to yourself.”
~T. Krishnamacharya

Ageless Yoga is suitable for seniors and almost any body—including people with injury and illness. John Schlorholtz offers creative sessions that make yoga a new and enjoyable experience for both seasoned practitioners and beginners.


A principal yoga instructor at the Harvard University Center for Wellness since 1990, John integrates stories, humor, and a gentle spirit in his teaching to make yoga meaningful as well as light-hearted.

The Ageless Yoga DVD series offers innovative, deceptively simple techniques that are both profound and accessible. Gentle and appropriately challenging, the numerous routines range from five minutes to twenty minutes to fit any schedule.

“Great for people young and old, stiff and flexible, and those
with medical conditions, including arthritis.”
~Keli Ballinger, Harvard Center for Wellness