Yoga for all ages and condtions.


The experiences shared below are from, among others, yoga teachers, older adults, people with injuries and disabilities (including arthritis, MS, and post-surgical recovery), beginners, group activity directors, and adult children who have given the DVDs to aging parents.

“Thank you for these programs! They are sophisticated enough for our staff to appreciate, yet simple enough so that almost all of our residents can participate.”

“I found the 2 volume Ageless Yoga DVD to be informative and comprehensive. Since I work with adults who are 55+, I was particularly interested in Chair Yoga. Joint movements, flexibility, strength and balance were very adeptly addressed. The movements flowed nicely. I plan to refer to Ageless Yoga on a regular basis as I continue to teach active adults.”

“I had stopped going to my local yoga studio because it seemed that suddenly we had this terribly young staff of teachers and they were all into handstands and headstands. I’m 60 years old; I’m just not into handstands! I wanted a gentle but thorough approach with emphasis on stretching and staying limber. And that’s what you delivered.”

“I broke my elbow back in January this year and have since suffered from a shrunken elbow socket which means I can no longer fully extend my arm and have a lot of pain. I am a 31 year old women who used to do a lot of yoga and I thought I’d never be able to do any yoga again. As I can’t fully extend my arm I can’t even get into a downward dog position let alone anything more challenging!

“I was searching the internet in desperation for some yoga I could do when I discovered your website and dvd. I have been following your routines for some months now and I love it! I absolutely love it! I love the style, the ethos, I even love the picture of the boat on the water in between segments!

“It’s helped me so much and I’m now focusing on all the stuff I can do instead of the things I can’t do. Your sessions on joint mobility and loosening up are perfect for someone like me who has a tight socket with restricted mobility. My physiotherapist is hugely impressed with the routines you offer and thinks they are doing me a great deal of good.

Aside from the physical benefits, mentally I feel more like myself. When I follow your dvd each day I truly feel peaceful and relaxed. It’s wonderful.”

“Thanks! I gave it to my dad who had back surgery and he is using it to help his strained muscles. With the pain medication he is on, I’m glad you created seated stretching!”

“I used to teach Iyengar Yoga. Now, at age fifty-seven, with a genetic heart problem and Meniere’s Syndrome, it’s hard to do much of anything. I found this DVD here at Amazon, and absolutely love it. I still get the benefits of Yoga, without putting my body at risk. My husband, who is in good shape but under a lot of stress, is now using the DVD, too, because it doesn’t add stress with a lot of confusing exercise combinations or trips to the gym. Just a great DVD. Thanks, John!”

“In April 2010 when my 74-year old husband was diagnosed with ALS I wanted to find exercise that would not intimidate him, that we could do together and that might help his breathing (his ALS was bulbar-onset). I had done yoga with an old [yoga] VCR tape for many years but knew it was too strenuous for him. That’s when I discovered your incredible DVD on Amazon.

“We spent many happy hours doing all of your gentle routines. My husband had been an extremely physical man and I believe your yoga helped him transition gracefully into his physically “imprisoned” state. He never gave up and transitioned peacefully last October, a hero to all who knew and loved him (there are many).

Thank you so much for developing this wonderful program … I continue to practice with you regularly and always feel renewed and strengthened. You have been a God-send. Namaste.”

“I got this DVD for my Mother who is a 77 year lung old cancer survivor, and who had to have a hip replacement a couple of years ago. My hope was that the DVD might get her moving a little, but in fact the DVD has become a guiding force in her life! She has gone from having an almost entirely sedentary lifestyle to practicing yoga with this DVD at least five times a week, and I have seen enormous improvements in her sense of balance, strength and level of energy. John Schlorholtz skillfully presents an essentially therapeutic approach to yoga practice and makes it accessible, non-threatening and practicable for those who really need it’s healing power. Wonderful and deceptively deep, finding this DVD has been a real blessing – I feel grateful to this guy!”

“John Schlorholtz is great. He leads the exercises in a calm, logical way that my 83-year old mom had no trouble following. I left the DVD with her, and I do think she will play it again since he made it easy and fun.”

“I bought this CD for my mom who is very arthritic. She loves it! It is easy to do, gets her moving and has given her a sense of accomplishment.”

“I have both arthritis and fibromyalgia and fear most exercise “tapes.” These made me feel better—rather than crippled—afterward. Thanks.”

“I found this DVD very helpful. I was able to do all the movements even though I have severe arthritis. It is helping tremendously.”

“Very good video. Excellent for people with all types of arthritis. I have psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis and the workouts help me keep the mobility that I have now. My wife and son who is 9 do the routines with me also.”

“I would recommend this highly for people getting started on yoga…. It’s all I need for a beginner or someone who is injured or stiff. Great!”

“I am 55 years old and new to yoga. It was hard for me to find a DVD that was gentle enough for me as a complete beginner. This DVD was exactly what I was looking for. I also like the fact that it has several sessions to choose from so no matter how much time I have or what level of program I am looking for that day, it is available.”

“I bought this for my mom, who has disabilities and diabetes. She hates to exercise, but needs to increase her activity level. I wasn’t sure how she’d like it, but she really loves this DVD. She especially appreciates that it has a variety of routines, it is accessible to her ability level, and it is well-instructed….Overall, very highly recommended!”

“John’s chair yoga DVD is excellent. I am a yoga teacher and one of my classes is teaching chair yoga to seniors. What I learned from the DVD is helpful in teaching my seniors. My students enjoy the routines so much that they clap after class. The routines are easy to follow with precise directions. In addition to demonstrating himself, he has two other students on chairs offering alternative positions for those who are less mobile in certain areas. I feel John is actually here with me during the demonstrations. Also, the DVD is divided into different types of practice, e.g., joint mobility, gentle, looseners. This makes it easy to select an appropriate routine for that particular day. I believe these routines will help students of any age to gain flexibility, strength, increased circulation, a sense of confidence and accomplishment, and through that to experience more joy in their life. Also, the relaxation and breathing techniques are very well done. I highly recommend this DVD for students of all ages and is especially appropriate for seniors. This is an awesome learning tool for yoga teachers.”

“John Schlorholtz’s chair routines help me considerably with some issues I had with my joints following a broken ankle last year. I found I could do the exercises quite early in my recovery, and they helped me to heal quicker than I think would otherwise have been the case. His routines are also excellent for general flexibilty and joint health improvement. The convenient way he has the exercise sessions arranged by length really helps fit the yoga into a busy schedule. The floor routines are very good, too.”

“This is a follow up review from Feb. ’07. It is now five months later and I have continued to do these routines almost daily. Strength and flexibility have increased greatly, symptoms of MS have decreased dramatically while my stamina has grown. I take many supplements which certainly help with this condition, but only with this DVD has the condition not only stabilized but improved. I recommend this DVD enthusiastically!”

“My 67 year old husband has MS and we have been doing the chair yoga nearly each morning since we received the DVD. He feels it is helping him a great deal and enjoys doing it. Anything that can help him to be more flexible is greatly appreciated. We live in Arizona and the MS society here supports the practice of yoga for this disease.”

“A group at a 55+ community are so happy with the strengthening, balance, and flexibility they have following several weeks with this DVD. This is the only one they want us to use.”

“Seniors with various disabilities do these gentle yoga exercises with my help at a Senior Apt. building. We do 1/2 to 1 hour of the DVD twice a week. One person uses a wheelchair and oxygen tank and has noticed how much easier it is for her to breathe after doing some of these stretching and breathing exercises. They expand the lungs and teach the student how to utilize their whole body for breath.

“There are also complete relaxation positions in between each practice performed. Meditative in quality, this is a huge asset and incentive for them to attend class regularly. They know they will leave relaxed and loosened.

“Another person has low mobilization and the gentle stretching and rotations help facilate movement in their joints and lower muscle pain.

“When the class is over, everyone is smiling, commenting on how good they feel, how relaxed they are.”

“I am the Activities Director at Peppermint Ridge in Corona, CA. Peppermint Ridge provides homes for adults with developmental disabilities. Recently, we have begun practicing chair routines from the Ageless Yoga DVD. Our residents are having fun with this program without realizing they are stretching and strengthening their bodies.

“I am 81 years of age female, I have two knee replacements (the last 8 months ago). I am in good health but overweight with arthritis. I used your DVD for two days now and I have noticed that my pain has been cut in half. I think the Chair and Standing Routines Volume One is great.”

“I bought your Ageless Yoga DVD from you thru Amazon a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT! i get Migraine Headaches and the stiffness i get in my Neck & Shoulders can be a real problem sometimes… but thanks to you… i feel Great!!! i have gone to a Chiropractor to have my neck and shoulders ‘adjusted’… but that did not compare to the Calm Feeling i get after using your DVD… i use it every morning before i go to work… AND then again after i get home from work… i started out at the loosening up routine and im working my way up slowly… but i just had to let you know how much i LOVE it!!! Thank You So Much!!!”

“Wonderful physical and emotional healing for anyone who is confined to a chair. Six weeks ago I found that the pain from my osteoarthritis of the hip and back had become too much for me to bear. I knew that I needed authentic healing beyond pain-killers or surgery. I am only 56 and yet my condition had degenerated to the point that I could hardly walk. I purchased John’s 2-DVD set of all of chair, floor and standing routines, and I began with the chair program. Six weeks later I am doing the gentle floor and standing routines quite well, feeling stronger, more flexible and happier by the day. But even though I can do the standing routines now, I still think with fondness of the chair routines I did first. John gets a lot of breath and movement out of you in a chair! and I gained my first strength and sense of hope back through these routines. I have thought of my own deceased Mother so much as I became strong in the chair. How I wish that I had known about this DVD for her sake when she was alive. I highly recommend this DVD for anyone who feels weak, confined or hopeless because of their age or disability – even those confined to wheelchairs. Perhaps especially those confined to a chair, for you will see that through the deep breathing and small movement exercises right there within your chair, you will come to feel alive and empowered perhaps beyond what you have known for a long time.”

“This DVD is, by far, the best recording for aged seniors….it keeps one limber and eager to participate every day!”